Shadow was shown successfully in his younger years, then spent time on the trails, with time out to produce terrific foals. His foals carried his friendly personality and smooth gaits with beauty as a bonus. I have only managed to keep one of his foals for myself, his offspring sold themselves.


Until recently I believed him to be a sooty buckskin or black bay, or something out of the ordinary. I finally decided to run color DNA and to my surprise his is a smoky black that is homozygous for black. I had the lab repeat the test because I just couldn't believe the results. But it is true, he is one of the very rare smokies (black with a cream gene) and homozygous to boot.


For those of you that haven't spent the hours and hours trying to understand the equine color genetics, I will cut to the chase. If you breed your sorrel mare to Shadow, you will have an equal chance of getting a black, buckskin, smoky black, or bay foal. There is absolutely no way to produce a sorrel foal from Shadow. The down side of that is, if you want a palomino foal you will have to select another stallion. But personally I'd just as soon have a buckskin, it's my personal favorite.


So if you'd like a black base foal, book a space for 2015. The number of mares accepted for Shadow will be limited and will be based on the booking date.