KT Foxtrotters offers superior horses both in performance and attitude that are naturally gaited, for pleasure or show prospects, with an unsurpassed combination of soundness and intellect. All our horses are  imprinted at birth, handled daily to establish good ground manners, and raised to encourage their natural willingness to please. Everything for them becomes a positive learning experience which results in gentle, easy to finish mounts.


For the horse enthusiast who is unfamiliar with the Missouri Fox Trotter, but who wishes to experience a relaxed, fun ride, come see the results of years of careful breeding. At KT Foxtrotters, we strive to attain the best as is evidenced by our foundation mare, Root Beer's Honeysuckle Rose, (granddaughter of the great Zane Gray). Our focus is to produce gait, soundness, personality and color as a bonus. We give any prospective rider, whether novice or experienced, an opportunity to own the best.


We offer, in addition to horses of varying ages and finish, our wonderful stallions standing at stud to help with your breeding program.