Almost everyone, regardless of age, has heard the story about Black Beauty. Have you ever wished you could have a Black Beauty of your very own? Well, this young stallion can help make that dream come true!

Outstanding conformation and a pedigree that includes Gone N Dun It, Bronze Pride, Southern Sunrise, Merry Go Boy's Skipper, and Zane's Rawhide Princess is a great start to getting the foal of your dreams.

Dun It N Black (Raven) was started under saddle this spring but training was interrupted due to an injury. Early training went well, showing good gait and willingness to respond.

For those of you looking at the color side, in addition to producing a sound, gaited foal, you should look closer at Raven. Raven is homozygous black. So bring your beautiful sorrel mares and Raven will give you a black based foal.

Check back for foal pictures, Raven has a grullo filly yearling and a bay filly yearling. I'll post pictures after they shed their winter coat.

Stud fee: Private Treaty