Cody's Once In A Blue Moon (grey/white sabino/tobiano)

Cody's Once In A Blue Moon (Blue to us) is a grey and white stallion with piercing blue eyes born in 2001. His papers currently show him as a sabino, but he is actually heterozygous for both the tobiano and the sabino 1 genes. This has been confirmed by recent color DNA testing. He is a very laid back, easy going fella. His offspring colors have been widely varied. Bred to a grey and white tobiano mare, they produced a lovely bay colt that starting going grey on day two of his life. Crossed with a solid black mare he produced a black mare with a blaze and 3 white stockings (color DNA testing has confirmed that she carries the sabino 1 gene), that to date has shown no signs of grey. Bred to a black mare they produced a black and white tobiano stallion.


 So if you like surprises, and they were all great foals, Blue might be the one for your mare.

Stud fee: Private Treaty