SOLD  Congratulations to Stacey Dove.

Frosty Champagne Mist (Diva) is a beautiful palomino mare. She has had a couple of bad episodes in her young like so I would really like to find her a loving, compassionate owner. Just before Diva was born her mother went blind and did not adjust well. So Diva’s foal time was very stressful and hectic. Then when Diva was about 14 months old she was trying to reach some hay through a gate and got her head caught. While trying to get free she fractured both sides of her face and a small piece of skull (just below her ear) had to be removed. She recovered nicely with very slight scarring. Diva is friendly and willing but does need a bit more patience than some horses, but she is a great girl. She is going to be a big mare when she finally fills out and would be a great brood mare, the testing has already been done. Check out her papers for yourself. Call for current pricing.